Friday, February 27, 2009

New School Year

This Monday will be the start of the new school year in South Korea and Kim and I have been informed about our new class schedules for the year.  We will continue to teach Preschool/Kindergarten in the morning (10:00 AM to 3:00 PM) and 1st through 6th grade in the afternoon (3:00 PM to 7:30 PM).  Its a pretty long day but there are few breaks through out the day that gives us some time to rest.  The Kindergarten Graduation was this past Friday and it was pretty neat seeing how excited all of the kids were to be moving on into the 1st grade.  The ceremony that Poly put on was very nice, except for when they made the foreign staff get up on stage on sing "What a Wonderful World".  It was extremely awkward for everyone involved as well as for those in attendance.

I will be teaching Kindergarten.  The Kindergarten is broken into 3 separate classes and they have 3 subjects that they will learn every day: Phonics, Science, and Reading.  I think that will be teaching reading to all of the classes but I will find out for sure on Monday.  

Kim will be teaching the Preschool Prep classes.  These will be 7 kids, around the age of 3, who will be in preschool next year.  They do not speak any English so there will be a Korean teacher n the classroom with Kim at all times.  We are not sure what she will be teaching since this is the first class of its kind at Poly.  Our boss is working on the schedule this weekend.  On Monday, Kim will have a meet and greet with all of her students and their mothers.  Though nervous, I think that she is excited to meet all of the little kids.  

We do not know our afternoon schedule yet so we will post about that later.  We are still in our temporary apartment for today and we will be moving into our "bigger" place on Sunday.  Sang Kwan will be arriving in Seoul on Monday.  Kim and I are unsure about how much we will get to see him since we are working now but hopefully we can work it out.  We will take some pictures of our new place tomorrow and post them up on the blog.  


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