Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The ultimate crab feast

This post is dedicated to my brother, Kevin, who raves on and on and on about a crab restaurant in Philly called Chickie and Pete's. (Kevin, I expect some sort of comment from you on here, even if it's just defending your precious restaurant.)

Father got in town last night and took us to, what I will arguably say is the best crab restaurant I've EVER been to. It's creatively called "Crab Dish Restaurant." Here's the front. 

Here's me and the birth fam standing in front of the fish tanks filled with the biggest crabs I've ever seen.

This was another of those many course meals where they bring more and more and more plates of food. We started with some salads, then some soup, sashimi, and tempura. I tried a couple pieces of sashimi (aka raw fish slabs). The taste isn't bad, I'm just having a hard time getting used to the texture. But by the end of the year, I'm sure I'll be an old pro... possibly even ordering and eating the stuff of my own free will.

Finally, for the main course.... One of the best parts was that all the crab shells were pre-cracked for our convenience. Nothing better than eating the crab minus all the hard work!
And Kevin, get this, Mark and I agreed that this is MUCH better than C&P's. (You're just going to have to come to Korea to make the comparison yourself. If/when you make the trek over here, we'll take you here... our treat!)

All in all, a great meal! And now I'm getting hungry and craving crab... did this post do that to anyone else??? Kevin????

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Carey said...

Yes, and i've never even had crab before!! :D