Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seoul Subway Map

Some of you may have noticed that Kim and I have added a map of the Seoul Subway system on the right sided of the page.  The reason for doing this is to provide everyone with a general point of reference of where the places that we mention on the blog are located.  You can open the map in a separate tab (which I suggest doing if you choose to look at it) by right-clicking on the map.  

Once you have opened the map, you will notice a key in the top right corner.  Each line is color coded and numbered 1 through 7 with two additional lines given a specific name.  When we mention a location on the blog we will try to provide the nearest subway exit and the line number along with some general walking directions if needed.  

For example, we are currently living in Mr. Kim's apartment which is located in Dongdaemun-gu in Janghanpyeong-dong.  To get here, you would take Line 5 to the Janghanpyeon exit.  If you look on the map, this is located in central Seoul just a little to the east.

Tomorrow, I will take some pictures of the subway and hopefully create a "how to use the subway" post for any potential visitors that might make the trip over here.  


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