Sunday, February 1, 2009

Emily's Birthday

Emily will be turning 25 in 3 weeks and since she will be in Beijing Kim and I decided to take her and Sang Kwun out to dinner.  The four of us took a short cab ride to the Konkuk University area.  This is a popular area for the younger crowd because it is loaded with different types of bars and restaurants.  It was very crowded and lit up with neon signs everywhere.  Kim and I and were glad to discover the place because it offers several types of ethnic restaurants.  Even so, we settled on a Korean restaurant that specialized in different types of pork.  I have to admit that we kind of dropped the ball that night because we only came away with 1 picture.  We'll try not to let it happen again.  

After dinner, the four of us headed over to a bar for some drinks.  Sang Kwun ordered us some type of Korean alcohol made from rice and a seafood pancake.  The drink was tasty and the pancake was better then what I was prepared for.  Later on we ordered some clams that you can see in the picture below.  These small wonders have quickly become one of my favorite dishes over here.  

The night was fun and I think that Kim got to learn some additional information surrounding her adoption.  I will leave that up to her about whether to blog about that.  Emily had to head home on Sunday and Kim will definitely be missing having another lady in the house.  I believe that she will be back in Seoul sometime in March.  

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