Friday, July 6, 2007

Background stuff...

K: I'll be the first to blog. A little background for those who may not be familiar with the story (although I assume if you're interested enough to read this, you probably already know the background stuff.)

I was adopted from Korea when I was two and I have the best parents in the world. Over the last few years, my birth father has connected with me and despite a huge language barrier (he only speaks Korean and I only speak English) we have kept in contact sporadically through translators. Well, he last fall, I met him for the first time (since I was a baby) when he came to St. Louis for my wedding! Unbelievable.

Well, to condense an incredibly long story, last weekend I received a call from the translator's nephew inviting us to Beijing for the 2008 summer Olympics. My new husband M and I began thinking... if we already have a plane ticket, what better chance to get to know my birth family and my homeland than to move there for a year. Sooo... the adventure begins.

I started by talking to my work who has an office in Seoul (my birthplace). They tell me they need to run it by the "higher ups" and filtering everything through HR and there may be some complications (namely I don't speak a word of Korean... yet!)

I think I've gotten you completely up to date on where M and my progress thus far.

Oh, one more thing, got my first email from my big brother in Korea, Sang-Kwan. He's only two years older than me and the email below is the first contact we've ever had...


From: 김상관
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2007 9:15 AM
Subject: I 'm your brother

Dear Kimberly : First ,Congratulations,you got married ! It's a pitty i can't go to American to take your wedding . I heart that you wrote the email to Ded and me .I fell very happy . These days i want to know all about you . I wrote many email to you before .but you can't repeat it or. mabe you never recive it ! but NOW I have your news ,i feel happy too ! you said you will come to china with your family next year . I expact . I want to see you as soon as possible ! I can't write so much ,just beacause my poor english . but i stiill exsitting! I never forget you !
miss you --- your brother

Now you see exactly why M and I are embarking on this adventure. Sang Kwan even learned english to talk to me!!!


SwissMaedel said...

AWWW. Tears in my eyes!! I just found your blog randomly...because my friends started a blog named Anyways, what a touching story!!!

Zarina Jani said...

Hi Kimberly,
This is like a touching! I can't wait to read all your posts!