Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Late night sights around Seoul

Mark and I have noticed that since we've been living here life seems to be pushed back a couple of hours. Like instead of eating dinner around 6 or 7, we now eat dinner around 8 or 9. And, Mark used to love waking up early, but here, we like to stay up late and sleep until 9 or 10 in the morning. 

Lately one of the things we've been doing is taking late night walks around our neighborhood. The city really seems to come alive in the dark. The bars never seem to close and there are a ton of 24 hour restaurants that serve full Korean meals. 

This quiet looking alley is actually the view when we step out of our apartment. Further down the block it's much busier (hence the many neon lights in the distance).

There are also many markets like this one with a ton of food left outside. Obviously there isn't much of a crime problem as many stores leave their wares unattended like this.

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Aunt Carol said...

It seems we have a whole lot to learn from Korea -- about crime, etc. Bring back any lessons you can! How will your current schedule, i.e., sleeping late and staying up late, work with your teaching?