Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dongdaemun Market

Remember when Mark and I first arrived in Seoul and went on the midnight shopping trip with Emily and SangKwun to Dongdaemun Market? Well, yesterday we went back. But when it was light out.

The difference is, from 9pm to 4:30 am, there are 7 of these high rise buildings filled with shops. During the day, there are only 3. Not that I should really say "only"... Mark and I walked through two and were exhausted. Each of these buildings is about 6 or 7 stories high and jammed with these little clothing shops.

This is the outside of one of the buildings. Dongdaemun is located at the intersection of lines 2, 4, and 5. It's the Dongdaemun Station exit.

This is just a cool picture. I've been here over a month (!) and still can't get over how hilly and mountainous this city is.

You're not really allowed to take pictures, but we snuck this one just to give an idea of what these stores are like. There are just rows and rows and rows of individual shops like this. It's pretty overwhelming. Luckily most of the shops have display mannequins where they display the latest styles and outfits. Very helpful.

Though I get a little intimidated at picking something out when there's so much to choose from, I came home with a few staple pieces. It's amazing how cheap you can get stuff for! One caveat, is that most of the tops only come in one size and most shops don't have dressing rooms. A lot of the stuff isn't super-fitted though, so it's not as bad as it sounds.

Here's one of the outfits I got! This look is very popular here, and I think it'll be a good transition outfit for spring. :)

Here's the full layout. I got 8 pieces (including a jacket) for about $75. Most are very simple neutral t-shirts that I can mix and match. I love the t-shirt material they use here!


Julia said...

Not sure how I feel about the one size fits all tee shirt [belly shirt on me?] but you look super cute! And I cannot believe you bought that much stuff for so cheap. Obsessed!

Erin Folwarski said...

I think I would have run out of money by now, I don't know how you have the will power (or is it Mark stopping you) to not buy tons of clothes. I think you look very stylish and I'm extremely jealous!