Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Three Sheets

This is a highly entertaining video about the drinking culture in Seoul. And surprisingly, most of it is very realistic from what we've seen. It runs about a half hour long, so save this one for a lazy afternoon when you have plenty of time. :)

I have to give my friend Julia and her hubby, Nate, credit for this find. They were the ones who told me about this show. Mark and I really enjoyed watching it this afternoon and even learned a couple things about the polite ways to pour soju and how to do a hardcore poktonju. We're DEFINITELY trying it next time we're out! Thanks guys!

<a href="">Three Sheets - S02E09 - South Korea</a>

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Julia said...

Yay, I'm glad you found it!!

Some of our other favorite episodes are:

Munich [Oktoberfest!]

Kentucky [drunks and bourbon, can't go wrong]

France [he chugs lots of champagne]

Tequila, Mexico [enough said]

Belgium [total random dude in it]

Whales [I love the English!]

That should entertain you for awhile!