Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Cell

For the past two weeks Mark and I have been staying in a temporary apartment provided by Poly while we waited for our official "couple" apartment to become available. To say the temporary apartment is small for two people is an understatement. Mark and I both felt like we were always bumping into each other!

Here are some pictures -- oh and I measured, it was 7 Kim steps from the front door to the end of the apartment.

Here's the bathroom.

I must say that this part was the most shocking to me. There is no shower stall, just a handheld showerhead coming out of the sink to hose yourself off!

This is the front door that opens immediately into the kitchen. Then 3 steps later you're in the bedroom.

Here's the bedroom area.

As you can see, not much room for two people...

But we spent most of the day moving and are really excited about our new place. We'll post a video of it soon!

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