Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We've officially survived our first round of midterms. Got some grades back and we both did pretty well.

Today was the much-dreaded verbal midterm. The portion that entailed having a conversation with a classmate was pretty easy since we could practice and rehearse a ton. For me, the conversation with the teacher was definitely more difficult. Before the interview, we were given a list of about 30 questions to prepare to speak about. I went over and over the questions and walking into the interview, felt pretty well prepared.

However, I wasn't ready for our teacher (who normally tends to speak at the speed you'd use with either a child or mentally handicapped person), to talk so quickly. Then, on top of it, she went rogue... asking questions differently than I studied them and follow-up questions that weren't even on the sheet we were given. Eek!

I'm actually glad the interview played out the way it did since we won't be given a sheet of discussion topics when we interact with actual Koreans. And I was pumped that I was able to hold my own. And hey, I did a lot better than at my intial placement exam when I informed the interviewer that I like to eat my parents on the weekends. :)

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Mica said...

Hahaha, oral exams are the worst! One time in Arabic, my professor asked me what kind of dietary components I liked to eat, so I had to mumble around for words like "carbohydrate" and "protein." It was a clusterf*ck of language.

Congratulations to you two Korean starzzzz!