Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Japanese ramen

If you're like me when you think of ramen, you picture those salty instant packages that cost about 25 cents a piece. Well, ramen in Asia is a whole different situation. Korean ramen is usually in the instant package, but Koreans crack an egg in it and it becomes kind of like a spicy egg drop soup. So good.

But nothing could have prepared me for the amazingness that is Japanese ramen. Our friends Kerry and Ryun saw this little hole-in-the-wall place in Hongdae featured on a television program for the authenticity of its ramen. So they took Mark and I and can I just say... obsessed.

Last week, I was telling my Japanese classmates about the place and we decided to go together.


I wish I had taken a close-up pic... but if you look closely at the bowls, you can see the ramen. It features noodles (duh), green onions, thinly sliced pork, eggs, and seaweed in a thick(ish) broth. You can also add crushed garlic if you want. Oh, and they also ordered Japanese dumplings and some sort of fish patties.

The restaurant got the seal of approval from my Japanese classmates. They said it's exactly like what they can get back home.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.... looks like Mark and I will be making another trip very, very soon.

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