Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sav(ing) the Date!

Have I mentioned that this week is our school's vacation week? Then after this week, we'll go back to about 1.5 weeks of actual class, half a week of review, and finals. Hard to believe our first semester is already coming to a close. It really flew.

To celebrate our week of freedom from school, we went on an impromptu weekend trip to Sokcho, on the eastern coast of Korea with the birth fam. I've got some pics and stories to tell when I get around to uploading everything.

But in the meantime... it's official! Emily and SangKwun's wedding will be in Seoul at the Sheraton Walker-Hill on October 3rd. Then, there will be a Chinese ceremony in Emily's hometown... which is *somewhere* in China.

It's amazing how much different wedding planning here is compared to back home. I went with them when they planned their wedding, and it took less than an hour. We went to a conference room, watched a slide show of the menu, picked out invitations, got a price list and TA-DA... the wedding was planned. There are a few other little details like a photographer and Emily's dresses to plan, but I have a feeling those decisions won't be obsessed over like at home. Also, in Korea (and China) the boyfriend (or his family?) pays for the entire wedding, so it looks like SangKwun's gonna have to work some long days to cover this event. :o)

Oh and the BEST.PART.EVER. about this wedding is that Birth Father said that both Mark and I will wear hanboks to be introduced to family and clients. Honestly, seeing Mark strut about in a hanbok will most definitely be the highlight of my year.

Oh and for those of you who aren't familiar, hanboks are traditional Korean clothes. That hanbok maker is going to fall over when Mark arrives to be measured! That'll be a video-worthy event, for sure.

::image via JY Films::


Julia said...

I would like for you both to pose in your outfits JUST like the peeps in those pictures, please.

Mica said...

Which part of the birth fam did you take this trip with? (Mom? Dad? Mom and Dad?!?)

AND AHH! I'M SO GLAD THAT YOU TWO GET TO WEAR HANBOKS! Ha, I'm giggling over here about a Korean seamstress fitting Mark for a hanbok. He'll be so much taller than most of their clients, teehee. Speaking of hanboks, my birth mom wants me to send her my measurements so she can get me one.

...Um, hanbok party when we're all together again? Yes, I think so.

Maggie said...

Hilarious! Can't wait to see you guys in those heroic outfits!

Jen said...

The very thought of Mark sporting a Hanbok has made my! I smell a Halloween costume!

I'll be interested to hear about the differences in the ceremonies and receptions in the weddings...

Mom J. said...

I can not wait to see the pictures of the fitting.