Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Class

Here are some pics of our class. Everyone's extremely nice, which makes going to class and studying significantly easier every day.

We took a few field trips last year with our students at Poly, but not surprisingly, field trips are a lot more fun when they're for us and don't involve a bunch of screaming kids on a bus. Sogang sponsored a field trip a couple Fridays ago. We saw a brand new musical/comedy called Chef, by the same people who created Nanta. This show was about this magical bi bim bap and featured a lot of beat-boxing and dancing. Not quite as good as Nanta, but still a lot of fun. And the day away from class made it even better. :)

Anyway, here's a class picture. Everyone but one girl showed up, so this is a pretty complete pic.


From left to right...
  • The blonde next to me is Rachel. Her husband is a civilian who works on the military base. They committed to a 2 year stay in Korea, so she figured while she was here, she might as well learn the language.
  • Then on the other side of us in the white shirt is 신 성냉님, our speaking teacher. We spend the most time with her (2 hours!), so we probably know her the best of our teachers. She's so cute and bubbly, she's good at making those two hours fly.
  • Next to our teacher, in the pink shirt, is Khalia. She's French and is just studying here for the summer.
  • Next to Khalia in the white is Madoka, from Japan. I'm not sure how long Madoka plans to stay in Korea.
  • Then next to Madoka is Daniel. He's from Chile and has a Korean girlfriend, so he could be here indefinitely. :)
  • In the second row, are Hyae Young and Nina from Taiwan. They're both here for at least a couple semesters.
  • The guy in the front is Due. He's a Chinese American from the US (Pennsylvania area). He's officially the youngest in our class... 19. He'll be heading back to the States to start his junior year in the fall.
  • Last, but not least, in the front is the amazing Mitchiko. She's 63 years old, a grandmother to 6, and decided to learn Korean "for fun." (And kicking our butts in the process, seriously, she's probably one of the best in the class. Good thing she's so adorable. Haha.) Her husband stayed in Japan, while she came to Korea to live and study for the summer. Oh, and did I mention that she's an international marathon runner? I'm talking Canada, Hawaii, Australia, Istanbul, Korea, and Japan. 6 total and all in less than 5 hours. Impressive, right?
After the show we got lunch together, so here are a few shots of the group:





And lastly, Asians love to throw up the peace sign, but I was showing them what my friends and I used to do for pictures... it's called the "Look at my cute face" pose. Yeah, we're all pretty freaking cute. :)


Anyway, that's our class. Looking forward to the next 6 weeks with the group!


Jennelle said...

Looks like a fun group!

Mica said...

Your class looks super cool! I want to be friends with marathon lady!