Monday, July 12, 2010

Ego Boost...Delivered!

I have been feeling a little dejected lately because of all the criticism being thrown my way from Kim and her Korean counterparts (just joking, I really think it's kind of funny) but today I actually got a surprisingly uplifting email from a former student. The email came from Ryan, who I taught in Kindergarten at Poly last year. He is in the first grade now and is attending another school because his family moved away from Poly. He was always one of my favorite students in the class. He was extremely bright but he had a major stuttering problem so his speaking was not the best. Below is a picture of him and the message that he sent.

Hello! I'm Ryan! I'm glad to meet you soon.

I heard Anna teacher that you saw Brandon.

Sometimes, I miss you too much.

I will search for Gwank Poly on summer vacation because, I will study in Gwank Poly.

I want to meet you sooooo much.

I will go to Gwank Poly on 2010.7.15~2010.8.27

Sincerely, Ryan.

To those of you who have not taught English as a second language before, this message might not make sense but I understand everything he is saying. Unfortunately, he thinks that I still am a teacher at Poly so I guess I will have to send the bad news that he will not be seeing me when he goes back. I think that Kim and I will have to make a trip over there to see him sometime soon.


Jen said...

This is so sweet, Mark. It must mean so much to you to know you impacted the kids so much (and not just by scaring them by being an over-weight "Grandpa"). For the record, I’ve never thought you were a fat-ass, or old-looking!
Keep having fun!

Julia said...

I am dying over Kim's Fat Ass post and loving this little dude for his cute email. How awesome you guys! You are making so many fun friends there!

Mom said...

I know just how Ryan feels.