Friday, July 2, 2010

Premium peaches

Fruit in Korea is amaaaazing. The apples, Korean pears, and Jeju oranges are better than anything I've tasted in the US.

However, as delicious as the fruit is, I hate the prices! Geesh, about $5 for 2 apples? $12 for a cantaloupe? But nothing has taken my breath away quite as much as the peach prices. We were grocery shopping with Birth Father and he threw these in the cart:


*Please note that they're all individually wrapped and in a hardcore plastic box so they don't bruise.

When I looked at the price I couldn't believe my eyes. I actually had to look twice. About $30 for 4 peaches?!??! Gak!

Birth Father didn't seem the least fazed about it... but I guess when you're used to paying a premium for fruit, it isn't as big of a deal after awhile.

At least I can honestly say they were the best peaches I've ever tasted...

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Gail S. Ludwig said...

Hi Kim,
I am Hannah's old neighbor from Columbia. I am back in Korea this summer teaching at Chonnam Nationa U in Gwangju. I just got home from the grocery store. About 12 peaches were 20,000 won here....and like you I almost fell over at the price. I am eating lots of watermelon at about $12 per melon...but this seems better than the springing for peaches. But I must admit...they did smell wonderful.