Friday, January 9, 2009

This post is for you Mom!

Remember how I posted awhile back here and here about the chaos sending a photo album of pictures from my childhood through the wedding to Father? Well, it made it to Korea and here's a video of me, SangKwun and Emily looking at it. (They had never seen it before this.) They both absolutely loved it and examined each picture so intently.

Eat your heart out Mom! Oh and we not only looked through it once, but TWICE!


Mom said...

Kim,I'm so glad that SangKwun and Emily enjoyed looking at the album.
It was definitely a labor of love
for your birth-father, without whom
we would never have had you in our
lives. We will always be grateful to him, for he made the greatest sacrifice a parent can ever make!
And now he gets to enjoy you and
Mark for the next year! He must be

Julia said...

SO cute, Kimmie! Great scrapbooking work, Mrs. Roach!