Thursday, January 29, 2009

Korean food recap

Korea is definitely the place to be if you're an adventurous food lover. SanGwun and my Father are dead set on making me gain weight here and keep saying they want me to get a "fatter face," though that is certainly NOT my goal.

The problem with all the food is that when it's put in front of us, Mark and I always start eating and forget to take a picture. But here are a few of the different dishes we've eaten here that we've managed to capture on film.

This should look familiar to most people, it's Japanese sushi. We got some of the sashimi, rolls (which I like much better), and randomly, a cajun chicken salad. The restaurant was located in Myeong-dong, the shopping district, and very good!

Then we found a place near Father's apartment that we've gone a couple times for lunch on our own. The dish below is the traditional BBQ'd beef that you put in a lettuce wrap.

And this dish was one of Mark's favorites. It was clams, and though I was a little nervous, I ended up liking them a lot!

Here are some pictures from a Korean Hot Pot restaurant that Father took us to. Emily tells us that Hot Pot is a very popular meal in China, but this is slightly different than the Chinese Hot Pot. 

There was a big pot in the middle of the table that is divided into two. They poured broth in both, and one side was to cook the beef and the other side cooked the seafood. 

They brought out the big plate of seafood below. I am still not brave enough to try the squid/octopus on the left side of the plate.

Here's the divided pot to cook the meal.

In addition to the seafood and meat, there are a bunch of vegetables to add to the pot including: a lot of leafy vegetables, mushrooms, rice cakes, and dumplings. You can either heat up the meat in the pot fondue style, or you can add all the meat and create more of a stew. 

Then, as the pot simmers and you get halfway through the meal, they add noodles to the pot to make the meal more of a soup.

Finally, at the end of the meal, when all the veggies and meat are eaten, rice and egg are added to the broth to create a sticky, eggy rice.

This was one of our favorite new meals we've experienced so far in Korea. I've posted a video of the creation of the hot pot below.

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