Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guy Heaven

We've got a lot of catching up to do with our posts, I have a ton of pictures of places we've gone that have not yet made it onto this blog. But I think I'll start with an easy post (with a lot fewer pictures) first.

Let it be said that Mark is officially in man-heaven. Since Father left for China and SangKwun arrived in Seoul, the TV is constantly on either action movies or UFC fights. And SangKwun loves video games as much as Mark does, so they've been playing a lot of Wii as well.

Then on Saturday night, SangKwun invited over 4 of his friends for a poker night.  

Here they are gathered around ready to start the game. (Notice that they ordered takeout Chinese since it seems that no Korean gathering is complete without food.)

They were all very patient with Mark, explaining how they play and how to make bets in won. Later on, they even played several hands of Texas Hold Em. 

The rule is that no one can lose more than 100,000 won, which translates to about $70-$80. Apparently it was a low key night for them, since we were told that last time they played SangKwun won more than 2 million won (or about $2000). Yowza!

Luckily, they didn't take advantage of the foreigner and Mark only ended up losing about $20.

Oh and I'm not sure if I mentioned before that Father purchased a car to keep in Korea for us to drive. But it's not just a Kia or Hyundai like most people here drive, yep folks, it's a Mercedes. SangKwun actually explained the reasoning to us the other day... apparently in Korea if you drive a cheaper car, people will cut you off and are not afraid to hit you. BUT if you're driving a luxury automobile, they will defer to you and make sure they don't hit you.

Either way, Mark is really enjoying it... here's a picture of him driving it for the first time. (I was very nervous, but he did well -- even staying under the speed limit. Anyone who has ever ridden with Mark knows what an accomplishment THAT is.) 

Either way, I was very glad for a brief reprieve from "Guy Heaven" when Emily arrived from Beijing on Monday. It sure is nice having another girl around to take my side when a decision must be made between watching Rambo 4 and Notting Hill. And yes, we all enjoyed Notting Hill very much. ;o)


Julia said...

Yay for Emily coming and forcing some girlie movies. Have you driven the Mercedes yet? Remember, there must be pictures!

carey said...

haha. tell father (green pants) to slow down there!! don't want any speeing tickets!

Kristin said...

OMG! Brave ones cruisin around in Korea and letting Mark drive :)