Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Last Day of Class

Friday was the last day of our Korean class for Kim and I.  While it was tough adjusting to being back in the classroom, I think that we are both going to miss it a little.  I can already see an improvement after just 4 weeks.  I think that it helps a lot that we are living with Kim's birth family.  The next step is for us to continue studying even though we do not have class.  The frustration that comes from our inability to communicate beyond a very basic level I think will provide us with more then enough motivation to continue learning.  

This is a picture of our class.  We gave everyone our email and blog address so we can try to stay in contact with them.  

Below are the resources that we believe will help us to build upon what we have learned so far.  The top two objects are dictionaries.  The one on the left is just a normal Korean-English paperback dictionary and the one on the right is an electronic multi-lingual dictionary.  It has 7 different languages, but for now, I think Kim and I will stick with just Korean.  It is actually a pretty cool little device.  It has an audio function so we can hear how the Korean word is suppose to be pronounced and it has a notepad on it so we can write out a word in Korean and it will give us the english meaning.  

Hopefully it will get easier as we go along, but in the meantime please wish us luck!

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