Thursday, January 29, 2009

COEX Aquarium

Since we had the day off on Tuesday, the four of us decided to take a trip down to the COEX Mall and go to the aquarium.  I had never visited an aquarium before, a few Zoos and even Bush Gardens once, but never an aquarium.  I must say that I was thoroughly impressed.  I am not sure where the COEX Aquarium ranks with its counterparts around the world, but I cannot imagine that I will ever see such an impressive display of marine life quite like this.  I cannot remember the price of admission but it was not too expensive.   

The aquarium is designed with a single path that takes you through every exhibit and tank.  I think that this is the ideal setup because it allows the visitor the opportunity to see everything the aquarium has too offer.  Though extremely crowded, none of us had any problems working our way up to the tanks to get an up close look at some exotic fish.  My only regret, and there was no way for us to know, was that we missed the shark feeding by 1 hour.  I would have loved to see that.  

Anyway, we took a ton of pictures and Kim and I sorted through them and tried to pick out the ones that we thought were the best.  

The picture is not that great, but we just wanted to show you the entrance.

We did not notice it at that time, but Kim and I thought these two pictures were funny with the little girl's faces in the background.

Below are just some pictures that we thought were cool looking.

The sign only said Two-Headed Turtle in english so I an actual species are a freak of nature.

Just some additional pictures that the two of us liked.  


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