Saturday, January 17, 2009

Now that's freaky fast, freaky good

Delivery in Korea is like nothing I've ever seen in the States. When you call in an order, the food is delivered within 15-20 minutes either by someone on a motorcycle or by someone walking the meal over to you. Many times the person walking the food over is an older woman (or ajumma) who balances the tray or cooler on her head.

Here's an example of a delivery meal that came in a cooler. For about $8, we got 2 pieces of fish, an assortment of vegetables, rice, and kimchi. 

When you finish the meal, you just place the dirty dishes and uneaten food back in the cooler or on the tray outside your door. Later that night, someone from the restaurant will come back around to collect it.

Talk about stellar service, and the most shocking part is that all of this work  is done without a tip! (Tipping is not expected in Korea and if you try to leave money behind, the staff will chase you down to return it.)

While Mark and I have been embracing the Korean food, we have had a few chances to eat some old American favorites: pizza, cheeseburgers, and fries.

Here is a particular favorite of Mark's -- Two-Two fried chicken with beer. There are a ton of fried chicken places slash bars (Koreans always pair food with alcohol)... I think Mark is in heaven! He even went so far as to say that this fried chicken is better than Hodak's. (Our StL readers know what we're talking about.) And that is QUITE the compliment from the fried chicken guru himself. :)

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Dad said...

Say, I wonder if two pieces of fish would satisfy Mark?? I can't see anything being left over and not eaten!! Sounds as though they have a very efficient delivery system. And no tipping required either. You two are living the good life!! Enjoy!! I wonder how you would say that in Korean.