Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What the 中国北?!?!?!

K: So I FINALLY heard back from my brother. Apparently I now have TWO brothers who are communicationally challenged. At least from time to time.

I wrote him nearly a month ago asking for an address. My mom had put together a creative memories scrapbook for my birth father chronicling my childhood through our wedding. It's pretty awesome and he'll be absolutely obsessed. Anyway, before she shipped it off to never-never land, she wanted me to confirm an address with Sang Kwan. So I emailed him and waited and waited for a response... Here's what I received:

"Kim: I am sorry .these days I am very busy .I ofen went to other city . I am ok don't worried about me .^-^ Appa can't speak chinese ,I afraid he can't recive it .so you can send it to me .and then I will take it to ded. my address: 中国北京市海淀区动物园世纪天乐国际服装批发市场11层1109 . (ZHONG GUO BEI JING SHI HAI DIAN QU DONG WU YUAN SHI JI TIAN LE FU ZHUANG PI FA SHI CHANG 11CENG 1109)KIM SANG KWUN PHOTO: 13391912403 13552020704 this is my shop's adress."

So, I'm confused. Do we just slap this address on the package and cross our fingers or what? I mean, will it even get out of St. Louis with a bunch of symbols like this on the box? Mark and I are thinking we'll take this email to a chinese restaurant or something and see if they can tell us at least where we should put line breaks in... Anyone else have any suggestions?

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Julia said...

Hahahahahahaha. So typical and chaotic. Good luck with the Chinese restaurant :)