Monday, November 26, 2007

Package Delivery: completed

K: Awhile ago I posted that my mom had put together a Creative Memories album with pictures from my childhood through my wedding to send to my birth father. Talk about a SAGA.
My mom first started by visiting the Chinese consulate. A very helpful man took this 中国北京市海淀区动物园世纪天乐国际服装批发市场11层1109 . (ZHONG GUO BEI JING SHI HAI DIAN QU DONG WU YUAN SHI JI TIAN LE FU ZHUANG PI FA SHI CHANG 11CENG 1109) and wrote out a label that he claimed would be understandable. But when she took the package to the Post Office, they did NOT understand it and also warned her that China is a communist country and there's a possibility it could be intercepted and/or opened. So, she decided to send the package to my birth father's business in Korea instead. Well, to make a long story short, this involved calling Peter Yim (our translator at our wedding), having his wife call Korea and talk to my birth father, putting together a mailing label in Korean, having the post office tell us they couldn't understand the label, calling him back and having it translated in Korean, and then having him hunt down a postal code... Whew. My poor mother - it's a good thing she's retired!

Anyway, here's what the label ended up looking like:

Well, then my mom began stalking the post office's web site to see if/when the package was delivered. Then there were two failed deliveries posted. She was starting to get worried. So, Peter Yim came to the rescue again. She placed a call to him --- he called my birth father --- and found out he's on a plane from China to Korea and would pick up the package later that day.

And then I received a message from Sang Kwan letting me know they had (finally!) received the package. Now my mom can get a good night's sleep.


Julia said...

Good lord, reading this post wore me out. Your poor mom...but I bet your birth father and brother are so PUMPED to look through the album. Totally worth it, but what drama!

Lindsey said...

Wow!!! Crazy. . .glad it finally go there :)