Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

In my last post, I mentioned that both SangKwun and Birth father came to Korea for Thanksgiving. Turns out it was just a very odd coincidence, as they had no idea it was Thanksgiving back in America. They took us to a seafood buffet, which was really good, but not the traditional Thanksgiving dinner I was craving.

The following weekend, we went with some co-workers to Chef Meili's... an Austrian restaurant in Itaewon (the foreigner area). I finally got some of the turkey and stuffing I was longing for... but it came at a price... about $36 for the meal - not including wine. Ouch! Turkey is really expensive here because it's all imported.

Here we are waiting for dinner.

The meal was plated, so what you see below is what you get. It was delicious, but kind of had me wanting seconds, and thirds...
Yeah, I was also kind of wondering where the rest of the pumpkin pie was... This whipped cream was phenomenal, though. It was fruity flavored.

All in all, Thanksgiving in Korea was a lot of fun, but I can definitely say that both of us will be looking forward to a heaping plate of Thanksgiving goodies next year back home!

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