Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas to US!

I know we've tried this before, but we're going to give learning Korea another honest effort via Rosetta Stone. Yesterday, we went to the mall with the intention of buying each other Christmas gifts. Over lunch, I was complaining how embarrassing it is for me to have Koreans talk to me and that I can't understand a single word. And I hate having to admit that I don't speak Korean and seeing the shock on their faces. Plus, I have two VERY good reasons to learn the language... my brother and my father. To be able to communicate with them, even on a basic level would mean a lot to me.

So we decided to give ourselves a joint gift of the Rosetta Stone.

::photo via Rosetta Stone's website::

The version we bought off Amazon over a year ago must be a really old version. This new version is SO MUCH BETTER! You can use a headset and speak and it tests your pronunciation. Plus, it came with these nifty little CD's to download on our iPods. I think that'll be a good way to get some extra practice on the subway.

Also, that class when we first arrived in Korea and spending time in Korea has helped give us a foundation to be able to use the program. It's kind of fun to realize how much we know and connecting the dots. Wish us luck!

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