Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day in Korea

K: This, by far, was the quietest Christmas we've ever celebrated. While we missed spending the time with family, it was kind of nice to have a relaxing holiday.

Mark's mom had sent us some Christmas morning pancake batter and syrup. (The syrup was MUCH appreciated... syrup is ridiculously expensive here for some reason.) So we got up, had some pancakes and opened some presents my mom had sent in the mail.

It's kind of strange in Korea... Christmas is nowhere near as commercialized as back home. And Christmas day isn't for families -- yeah, kids believe in Santa and get gifts, but once you get older -- the day is for couples. So the big thing to do on Christmas day is make reservations at a swanky place with your date.

So only SangKwun flew in for the day. He told us the only reason he came was because he knew that Christmas is for families for Americans... which made his special trip to Korea even more special. We met him for bulgogi and bowling. (Not very Christmassy, but a lot of fun.)

SangKwun and Mark made a bet about who would win the bowling game. The loser had to drink a bottle of soju. Here they are looking perky before beginning.

It soon became apparent that SangKwun is a much better bowler than Mark or me. Mark will be drinking a bottle of soju at a rapid pace soon. :)

We gave SangKwun a sweatshirt for Christmas and he presented us with this bottle of cognac and chocolates. After SangKwun headed home, we drank a little cognac... it made me feel warm and tingly, but it's definitely something to be drunk slowly.

Hope all of you had a very merry Christmas!

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