Thursday, December 24, 2009

"12 Days of Christmas"

M: My kindergarten class sang the "12 Days of Christmas" for the school's Christmas party. I was very impressed with how brave the kids were. There was no way I would have gotten up in front of the whole school and sang a song when I was just 6 years old, not to mention a song in a foreign language.

Mark wrote the part above, but this is Kim now. Mark is too modest to mention that he did EVERYTHING to get these kids ready. He taught them the song, practiced with them, found the music for them to sing to... I was really proud of all the hard work he put into it. They looked so good because they had a fantastic teacher. :)

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kaypasa2001 said...

Oh man, I'm in love with the turtle dove girl. And what's up with the five gold rings? Every time he gets his part, everybody cracks up! There has to be a story there ...

Merry Christmas!