Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am so excited I can barely breathe... (or maybe it's just the latest cold that I've come down with - geez, I feel like I'm ALWAYS sick with this teaching gig. I'm blaming the germy little kids who like to pick their noses, cough in my face... Don't even get me started.)

Anyway, after today, Mark and I get to begin our FOUR DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next Tuesday is Children's Day in Korea, so Poly is closed. Our director decided to give us off Monday off as well... but it's not thaaaat nice since we'll have to work the following Saturday. Ah well, we'll deal with that when we get there. Right now, I'm focusing on 4 days to enjoy the sunny weather. We are probably going to stick around Seoul and try and explore some new areas.

Tonight the foreign teachers are all going out for a send-off dinner. Our vice-director, Leo, announced this week that he will be leaving Poly. His mother is very sick, so he will stop working to take care of his daughters. We'll miss him.

And on a happier note, tomorrow we have one more wedding to attend... I'm sure there'll be a lot to blog about soon!


Julia said...

whoo hoo! So you'll be at a wedding on the same day as E's? How ironic. Enjoy the long weekend, and don't worry....I'm sure your immune system will get bumped up eventually and the little snotty kids won't affect you as much. Miss you this weekend!

Dad said...


I wonder if a mask and latex gloves would be a good investment for you. Hope the swine flu has not yet reached your area. Enjoy your break!! I always looked forward to them.

Aunt Carol said...

Enjoy your long weekend! You will have built up great immunity by the time you finish this stint of exposure to little ones!