Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

We're heading down to Busan (the second largest city in South Korea) with a bunch of our co-workers for the weekend. The weather's in the high 70's, there are beaches... what more could we want! We're taking our camera so there should be some good pictures to post when we return.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!


SteveKratky said...

Cold, damp, and dark here.

Kinda like Scotland.

Except no kilts or green hills.

Just fat people in sweats and a muddy river.

Rosie said...

It was good seeing you on the internet. Wish you were here, can't wait until you get back. I hope you had a good time on the beach, I envy you. Take care of yourself and enjoy that bed. Hugs and kissess.

Grandma Wing