Saturday, May 2, 2009

Children's Day party

In Korea, Children's Day is basically like another Christmas for kids. They get a day off school, get gifts from their parents, and basically get to celebrate being children. 

Since next Tuesday is Children's Day in Korea, Poly had a Children's Day party for the kids on Friday afternoon. 

As a gift, all the kids got a bag of candy and these cute t-shirts with their pictures on them. I got one too, that I will proudly wear.

Here are Benedict and Brian, clearly very excited about the party.

Here are the girls modeling their t-shirts.

We painted the kids' faces and had a dance party in the library. Imagine 50 kids doing the YMCA... yeah, it was pretty awesome. Here's Mark dancing with Andy. Do you see the snail on Andy's cheek? That was my little masterpiece.

Here's a closer view of my artwork. Bad pic of Andy, but he kept blinking every time I took a picture, so I have about 12 pictures of him with his eyes closed.

And here's the cutest face painting of the day. Our little Max the mouse... or cat...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Children's Day -- May 5th! Personally, I'm most excited about the time off. Oh and May 7th is Teacher's Day... we don't get a day off school, but I'm told the teachers get presents. Woohoo!


Julia said...

Cinco de Mayo is childrens day? Who knew? They are so cute, Kim. Have fun!

The wedding was insane. More to come later...

Maggie said...

Kim (c-squared),

So jealous of children's day. Sounds like you guys deserve a day off though! Glad to see how great things are going there! We missed you at the heroic Haynes wedding and had a drink (or seven) in your honor;)