Friday, February 25, 2011

Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship paperwork... finally completed today (with lots and lots and lots of assistance from Dae-won and GOAL -- thankyouthankyouthankyou).

So, I went with Dae-won and another adoptee to the Seoul Refugee office (yeah, that's really what it's called) to submit all the paperwork. Went smoothly without a hitch. Actually, I kind of lucked out with my government official -- she seemed like she wanted to get through the paperwork as quickly as possible and get back to her nap. Ha.

Anyway, I'm told they will have some sort of an official ceremony to grant the first adoptee group (which includes me) their citizenship mid-May. W00T! Then the fun will begin with having a dual identity... the Korean government requires that my Korean passport have my Korean name, and obviously my American passport has my English name. So there should be fun times ahead at the airport trying to explain why I have two different country's passports with two different names. I foresee exciting times in the immigration office in my future. :)


Michelle said...

Interesting to hear about the details, as I am considering applying for it myself.

Jennelle said...