Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How I'm Spending my Free Time...


Yep, I'm doing it! Applying for dual citizenship... if I can ever figure out these forms.

Filling out government in forms in Korean = waaaaay beyond my Korean level.

Luckily my amazing Korean friend, Ellen, helped me translate some of the boxes so I know what they're looking for. And she's offered to proofread my crap explanations of why I gave up my Korean citizenship and what my life was like abroad... so here goes nothing.

Oh and I must also give props to GOA'L. They've basically been responsible for this law change, and been so helpful with putting together the informational booklet, translating documents, and even having workshops to check over all our paperwork before we go to the immigration office.

Oh one bonus of filling out the paperwork... apparently every Korean's name is formed from Chinese characters and has some sort of meaning.

Here's mine (Korean on top, Chinese below)... meaning is still unknown... can anyone translate?


So cool, though tough to write. Had to ask Emily to write it for me. :)


Mica said...

Oh wow, that form is totally intimidating, but I am SO excited that you're applying! It seems like such a logical step after all the hard work you've put into learning Korean! Was getting the documents difficult?

a Tonggu Momma said...

Mandarin - first character is Jin (first tone), meaning gold. It's also commonly used as a last name. I have no ideas about the second character. Third character, Yuan (second tone), can mean several things, depending on context - most often it means first or money. Despite the two money references, I think this might be someone's name?

Julia said...

that is amazing! So pretty. I like the symbols. :)

Moa said...

So will Mark get a special hubby-visa when you get your dual citizenship? :)