Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How will you eat KIMCHI?

Remember way back before we ever came to Korea when we found the Korean restaurant? I remember being so proud of ourselves.

Well, last weekend we went to lunch with Birth Father, SangKwun, ChunPing, my aunt, uncle, and cousin. While I was off getting everyone coffee, Mark told me that Birth Father was asking how we would be able to eat Korean food when we go back to the States. (Because God forbid our diet should lack kimchi... haha, actually I have a feeling I will be totally craving it.)

He said that the Korean restaurant in St. Louis is 맛없어요... not delicious. But then he said he noticed there was a Korean market next to the restaurant that had everything we would need. So he told Mark that he needed to learn how to cook Korean food for me.

YESSSS... even with the language barrier Birth Father fully understands how our relationship works. Mark cooks... I eat. Truly the perfect marriage. :)


Mica said...

I hope Mark does ajooma squats while he hand-mixes the kimchi. :-)

I might be e-mailing you one of these days for teaching advice...

Mom J. said...

If Mark's kimchi is not very good, I saw jarred kimchi at Whole Foods.