Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shaolin Temple

The day after the wedding extravaganza, we took the hour-long trip to the famous Shaolin Temple. This is the birthplace of Chinese kung-fu, so Mark was especially really excited.

Here's the whole group.

We had the opportunity to light some incense to send up to the Buddhas. We also walked through a huge museum containing hundreds and hundreds of Buddhas.


We had a guide, but she only spoke Chinese so we didn't really get much of the history. But I DID understand that this tree has finger holes from people practicing kung fu. That's hard core.


The highlight of the trip was definitely the Kung Fu show. I have some video that I will post once I get it cleaned up a little. Though it was completely commercialized (with people hawking the opportunity to get a picture with some Kung Fu fighters before the show), the actual show was absolutely impressive.

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