Thursday, November 4, 2010


One week from today the G20 will commence in Seoul.

3 signs that Seoul is gearing up for the big event:

1.) Mark read that in the area around the actual conference the government announced it will not be picking up any food waste for 3 days as to not offend the noses of the international visitors. Apparently Koreans living in the affected areas are in a huff over this. (Sidebar: we have to separate our food waste from our recyclables from our trash here. And then it all goes into separate containers outside our apartment complex.)

2.) At the subway station we transfer at every day on the way to school, a 5-10 soldiers have suddenly begun standing guard in the main corridor.

3.) Today we were informed that Sogang's Korean Language program graduation will be cancelled this year in case any terrorists decide to strike while the G20 conference is going on. Good to know.......... maybe I should just plan to stay home while this conference is happening.

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