Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Visas... check!

Thanks to everyone for the great advice. We will be going to China in two(!) short days. I talked to my teachers and got all the worksheets, etc. so I think we'll be okay. Plus we'll be hanging out with some Korean language experts, so if we have any grammar questions, we can ask them. :)

We received our visas to China today. (Side note: getting a tourist visa to China is expensive for Americans. For us, it costs $150 for a single visit visa. For everyone else around the world... $30. What gives?!??!)

Anyway, all we have left to do are our speaking interviews tomorrow, pack, then we're off to China bright and early Thursday morning for 6 whole days of fun!!! We're not bringing our computers with us, so we won't blog until we're back in Korea. But I have no doubt we'll take tons of pictures and videos so there'll be plenty to blog about when we get back. 안녕 and BYE!

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