Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seoul Design Fair

One of the cool things about living in such a big city are the many things to do and see. Last weekend we went with a couple friends to The Seoul Design Fair. Basically, it was a huge event with exhibitions showcasing all sorts of cool designs. From cell phones to offices to bikes, there was a lot to see.

There was an international area with different innovations from around the world.


Here's a future office (or school) idea....


And if your office looks like this maybe you'll experience...


But who are we kidding. No one experiences "joy in work." :)

This is super-Korean. It kind of shows how a lot of things are packaged and wrapped here. If you buy a big, expensive box of food in a department store, a lot of times they'll wrap it in material like this. But it's never quite this pretty.


Here's furniture that's about right for Mark...


A very Asian home idea...


And the whole stadium was filled with exhibits in the seats too. These were some of my favorites:




Overall, it was a cool thing to see, but really was just a lot of walking around and looking. There are more festivals coming up in the next month or so, a fireworks festival on the Han River, a lantern festival, and more. Looking forward to going to all of them!

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mica said...

So cool! I went to something like this in Chicago, and it sucked in comparison.