Sunday, October 3, 2010

Korean Wedding Slideshow

I promise, a longer wedding post with descriptions will follow when I have time... this happens to be midterm week, so we're in the midst of cramming for our 2 exams on Wednesday and 1 exam on Thursday. Blargh.

However, SangKwun and Emily's wedding was perfect in every way and I am SO glad we had the opportunity to share in their special day.

For now, here's a slideshow Mark put together for them. He also took a majority of these pictures and I think he did an amazing job with both. Enjoy!


Julia said...

agh! Congrats guys!!!

Erin Folwarski said...

Mark-amazing job with the photos and slide show. When I elope to Vegas, I'm calling you for another chance to be photographer.

Kim-what an amazing experience to be there for the wedding. Everyone bonds so much at weddings, so I know this was an incredible opportunity.

Mark and Kim-good luck with midterms.

Mom J. said...

Beautiful. Can't wait to see more.