Monday, October 25, 2010

I promise...

I promise the China wedding post is coming soon. Just totally overloaded right now with school. Seriously, did I mention there are only TWO WEEKS left of semester 2? Which means the midterm is just around the corner. 진짜 무서워요 [really scared]!!! Mark and I are actually investigating the possibility of some private tutoring at the hagwon we went to when we first arrived in Korea for our 2.5 week break between levels 2 and 3. Our listening and speaking levels just don't seem to be where we need them to be, so maybe some 2 on 1 practice will help move us in the right direction.

Plus, I have been limping through level 2 and was informed that level 3 is 10x worse. As in, level 1 to 2 is a step up in difficulty. Then level 2 to 3 is a LEAP up. Yeah, some extra help/practice is absolutely necessary.

Anyway, I promise a post is forthcoming... once I can get the pictures uploaded to flickr and Mark can edit some of our videos.

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