Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This time in Korea, we're staying at my Birth Father's apartment. It's working out great -- there's a lot more room and he and SangKwun are hardly ever even in Korea so we basically have this 3 bedroom/2 bathroom place to ourselves. The only downside is that it's on the opposite of Seoul from where we used to live. And at least 45 minutes away from all the places we used to go... but we're spending our time here exploring our new neighborhood and discovering new, fun places to go.

Here's a little visual aid...


If anyone wants to send us mail... our address is:


You can put our name on the top and probably just print the address off. I would definitely include the Korean, because I'm not really sure what all the "singu paskabil" stuff is and if I even spelled it correctly. Can't wait to get some mail (hint hint...). Haha.

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Mica said...

Hahaha, a Korean address. I'd hate to be a mailman in Seoul!

Maybe I'll send you a message via carrier pigeon...