Sunday, May 30, 2010

사랑 해요!

We got some exciting news this weekend from Emily and SangKwun... they're officially ENGAGED!!!! SangKwun popped the question last Sunday in China.

He filled the room with balloons, rose petals, and made a heart out of tea lights. Then Emily watched a video of SangKwun telling her how he feels about her... then he entered the room with the ring. Afterwards, they went to a 5 star hotel where she got a massage and spa package. Sounds pretty nice, right?

They're saying there'll be 2 weddings -- a Korean one and a Chinese one -- but they want to get married while we're still here. So the weddings'll probably be in September. According to Emily, Birth Father wants to rent a house outside Seoul for the wedding. He wants everyone to spend the night following the wedding and to return to Seoul the next day.

Not really sure if we'll be able to attend the Chinese wedding. But either way this should definitely be an interesting experience! Can't wait!


Jennelle said...

How exciting!

Mica said...

Whoa, congratulations to the happy couple! SangKwun really sounds like a romantic, eh?

That's great that you'll get to go to at least one wedding? Are they going to wear hanboks at the Korean wedding?

Lindsey said...

yeah!! how exciting :)