Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flash Cards and Football

Now that we've completed a full week of class, we've pretty much fallen into a normal daily routine. Not that being off work for a full 3 months wasn't nice, but both of us really prefer to have a purpose to our days. Our schedule is still pretty relaxed since I have haven't started working in the evenings yet. I have a feeling once all of that starts up, it'll be a lot more hectic and I may find myself missing my 3 months of laziness.

But right now, our schedule of going to class from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., stopping for a quick lunch, and heading back home to these lovelies is working out pretty well.


Yeah, our lives right now are pretty much consumed by flash cards. We're memorizing about 25 to 50 new words a day, so we're flying through these guys. Good thing there's a school supply shop right around the corner.

Actually, the classes haven't been too bad so far... but a lot of what we're doing has been review. We actually just started the actual Chapter 1 on Friday -- before that we spent 5 days on the "getting ready" chapters and a review day. And can I say that review days (at least the one we had so far) are a blast? At our last review day, we played charades, telephone, and more. Sounds cheesy, but it was a great way to make sure we really knew all the vocabulary and concepts. We're going to have one after every 2 chapters -- so every 5th day -- so those'll definitely be days to look forward to.

Since our schedule is still not that tough, last Wednesday we went back to visit the kids at Poly. It's crazy how much we've both found ourselves missing them! I was a little bit nervous that they wouldn't remember me, but I think my friend Kerry did a good job getting them excited for our arrival because they were absolutely adorable.


They were so funny when they found our we're learning Korean... they started shouting out Korean words and asking us if we knew what they meant. And more than anything, they LOVED that at our Korean school, one of our rules is... "Don't speak English."

Mark's students seemed pretty pumped that their human jungle gym had returned. There was literally a mob of kiddos climbing on him in the library.

Finally, World Cup mania has struck Korea. I never really watched it before, but last night we went to a bar with some friends to watch Korea versus Greece and the excitement was infectious.

Here I am in my Korean jersey...


Here are Mark and me... Mark got a jersey also, but claimed it was too small at the last minute. Booo... I'll have to get a picture of him wearing it at the next game...


Finally, here's the group with our tequila shots to celebrate the second goal...


I know I'm a bandwagon soccer fan, but I'm definitely looking forward to the next month of World Cup games and celebrations! Shouting Korea!


Mica said...

What fun! I wish I were in Korea for the World Cup. One of the restaurants here is opening super early for every match (at 6:30am). I'm contemplating going, just for the atmosphere.

It looks like you're really learning a lot in class so far. That's great! What job are you picking up in the evenings?

Mom J. said...

Kim - Love the jersey. When you see your teacher friends again, please tell them we said hello.