Friday, June 4, 2010

Sogang KLEC: First Impressions

We've successfully survived two days of school at Sogang's Korean Language Education Center!

Here's the entrance to the University:

Sogang Entrance

And here's the sign in Korean (of course!):

Sogang Sign

The classes? So far, so good. A lot of what we've been going over these last couple days is review... but we're doing tons of speaking and practicing, which is really helping with my pronunciation. Yeah, saying things into a computer on Rosetta Stone doesn't compare to having a real live teacher critiquing my words.

Speaking of our teachers, we've got 3 really fun, dynamic teachers. They do a great job getting us all involved and interested in what they're saying... even though it's all in Korean. Our class is really international. There are: 2 people from Japan, 1 from Chile, 1 from France, 2 from Taiwan, and 4 Americans. (Eventually I'll try to take some pics of our teachers/classmates, I just haven't really worked up the nerve to be that weirdo with a camera yet. Haha.)

Our days start at 9am with a writing class. Then after a 10 minute break, at 10am, we begin the speaking class. The speaking class goes for a whopping hour and 40 minutes with a 20 minute break in the middle. Finally, we wrap up the day with a 50 minute reading and listening class. It sounds like a really long time, but the teachers are great about throwing in a mixture of hands-on activities, desk-work, and group work. We actually do a lot of circulating around the room and practicing skills with our classmates.

You can actually even tell how much the class centers around conversation by how the room is set up!

Sogang Classroom

Anyway, if we put in the work, this program really does seem like one that'll work in getting us speaking the language, which is my main goal. It looks like we're going to have to do some major studying though... we got the syllabus and it looks like we're going to be flying! As in, we start a new chapter with new vocabulary, grammar, and themes every two days!

It's not going to be easy, but one of our classmates was telling us he has a friend in the program who is now a level 3... which is basically means she's on her 3rd 10-week session. And he said at this point she can speak to anyone, anywhere... oohhhhh I can't wait!!!!


Lindsey said...

that's so exciting!! i'm sure you'll do great. mark looks very "student" like in this picture :)

Mica said...

Yay!! I'm glad you're liking your classes so far. They sound super intense, but I'm sure all that hard work will really pay off in the end!

Ugh, I'm so tempted to come to Korea and sign up. Too bad grad school is in the way...

Julia said...


Anonymous said...

Good post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm interested in doing the course but I'm finding it hard to find out what the hours are. I'm working in a Hagwon not too fr away from 1.30pm and I'm wondering if I can do this course before work (it would have to finish at 1pm latest). I know it would be torture for a few weeks studying and working everyday, but I think it'd be worth it. Can the authors or anyone reading fill me in on when you finish for the day?

Kim said...

Anonymous... The classes go from 9am (if you want to take the writing class -- it's optional) until 1pm. If you don't take the writing class, you would go from 10 until 1. We almost always finish right at 1, so it's probably possible to get to your hagwon by 1:30 if it's close. Just a warning that there seems to be a lot of homework and memorization so it really would be a butt-kicker to do both. There's also an evening session that's a few nights a week, but you'd probably have to look at the website to get more info.

Zarina Jani said...

Hi Kimberley,
I stumbled upon your blog while googling about Sogang KLEC. I'm planning to take on the course and you've been my source of info.

Thank you so much!