Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wine night and Jump

K: Last weekend was Mark's birthday weekend so I planned a special weekend. On Friday night, we headed to Gagnam to a wine bar. The place was really nice and called "Sideways," like the movie. We chose a California blend and a cheese plate. Wine and (good) cheese are two things we've had to cut back on since coming to Korea, so it was a nice treat for us.

It was a nice night, so we sat out on the patio overlooking the little road. And as we were enjoying some nice conversation, our wine, and some appetizers, we noticed a shadow in front of us. Can you tell what this gentleman is doing? Yes, he's definitely peeing right there along the somewhat busy road. Public urination seems to be completely normal in this country. I've grown accustomed to seeing full grown men standing along crowded intersections taking care of business. Not one of my favorite things in this country, but I suppose it could be worse.

The next day, Mark and I had a full day. We got up early and went to breakfast. Then we went to Insadong to sightsee and enjoy the weather. Finally, I had gotten Mark tickets to see Jump for his birthday. It is billed as a comic martial arts performance. It is similar to Nanta (which we saw with Mark's parents) as there is audience participation and almost no speaking. Nanta revolved around some chefs preparing for a wedding, while Jump was about a crazy family who was very good at martial arts. We enjoyed the show, but thought Nanta was a better show. While the actors and actresses did some acrobatics, we were expecting better martial arts performances.

Here's Mark perfecting his martial arts moves before the show... Mark was actually a bit nervous that he'd be pulled up on stage, but was relieved when they picked on a Frenchman instead.

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