Sunday, August 23, 2009

Insect Farm Field Trip

Last week our school took a field trip to a insect farm and I decided to take my camera along to take some photos.  The field trip days are always nice since we do not have to teach but most of them have been pretty boring for the kids.  The insect farm would not disappoint.  The only insects at the farm were caterpillars and beetles, but that was more than enough to fascinate the kids.  Below are some of my pictures from the day.

Some of the kids, like Charles, were not too pleased to be there.

We found this cool spider web with a gigantic yellow spider in the middle of it.  Some of the kids were scared of it, but as you can see in the picture below of Luke, many were not.  I actually had to stop most of the boys from trying to pick the spider up.

Candy was not one of those students.  

The farm had these huge beetles that they let the kids pick and play with.  

Each kid got to pick out a caterpillar to take home.

Randomly, they have a fenced in area that kids can run around in.  What are they running after?  Rabbits.  The men brought out these bags with rabbits in them.  The teachers all thought it was kind of cruel to the rabbits but the kids really enjoyed it.

Kristy was ecstatic after she caught one of the rabbits.

The place also had a few deer that the children were allowed to feed.

We ended the day by letting the kids have some fun on the playground.


Julia said...

SO cute. Some of those bugs really gross me out, though.

Jen said...

Bugs totally gross me out too...but Jack would have loved this field trip...all about bugs these days!

Mom said...

What a cute group of kids and all so excited about bugs!! Rather that than alligators. In case you are wondering I think we can skip that particular venue when we visit at the end of the month. Only twenty six days and counting!

Carol said...

With the exception of the beetles and caterpillars, it looks like it was a very fun place!