Monday, September 28, 2009


To make the most of our Monday off, Mark and I decided to visit Everland, Korea's version of Disney World. Everland is actually located about 45 minutes south of Seoul. We were able to catch a bus a few subway stops away from us. For a mere $2/person, it took us directly to the theme park.

Monday turned out to be the perfect day to visit since it wasn't crowded at all. We heard horror stories of 2 hour lines during the weekends, so we were happy to avoid those. For most of the rides, we could walk right up and board.

Here's the entrance of the park.

It is Halloween Festival right now, so the entire park was decorated with a Halloween theme.

Each area had a separate theme. From Aesop's Village (for Kids) to Europe, to the Wild Wild West. Here's Mark in front of Alpine Village.

Here I am in front of the Amersterdam/Belgium area.

We went on several rides, including an Amazon water ride. For the St. Louisans, it was almost exactly like Thunder River at Six Flags. But obviously, Koreans don't like to get wet because the ride had built in tarps to prevent us from getting soaked. Guess the Tidal Wave wouldn't be much of a hit here. :)

Next, we went on a Safari. It was basically a bus with big windows driving through an area with wild animals roaming free. It was pretty cool. Here are a couple shots of the busses.

Here's a picture of a bear gnawing on a stick. Yes, they were really this close. I like this picture because it reminds me of Riley (our dog) chewing on his kong.

The driver fed the bears, so they would just hang out on the road waiting for us to arrive.

Here's a tiger obviously eyeing his lunch.

A lion snoozing on a rock right next to us.

Overall, it was a great day. In addition to the things we highlighted here, we saw a sea lion show, road some fun rides, went in a 3D show, and visited a haunted house. What a great way to spend an unexpected day off!

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