Sunday, August 2, 2009

K and C Studio

K: As we've mentioned before, SangKwun and Emily have 5 women's wholesale clothing stores in China. There are 2 in Guangzhou and 3 and Beijing. The shops are housed in multi-story buildings with hundreds of little shops on each floor. Each of these shops are in the wholesale business... meaning clothing store owners come to this building to buy clothing in bulk to sell in their respective shops.

Maybe I'm biased, but I thought their shops' layout and designs blew the other shops out of the water. They sell everything from tops to skirts to jeans to baseball caps. In addition to the current shop, they are expanding and in the process of building a bigger boutique on the top floor of the building.

This is the entrance of the shop. It's called K&C Studio since SangKwun's last name is Kim and Emily's last name is Chang (I think).

This is the top floor boutique they are setting up in Beijing. When we were there, they were meeting with a store designer and deciding how to set up the store. 

Emily and SangKwun currently sell women's clothing, but they say the business isn't great right now because of the economy. They are also starting to make baby clothes for girls. In addition to some cute designs like the one below, they are also taking adult women's sweaters and shirts and having their factories shrink them into baby-sized clothes.

Emily and SangKwun have about 20 employees who do everything from running their shops, designing the clothing, hauling the clothes, and scoping out new designs. Here's a shot of them hard at work.

In Guangzhou, we got to meet K&C Studio's designer. She went out to dinner with us... she's on the right.

The shots below give an example of what the individual stores look like. This is one in Guangzhou. Its amazing how good they are at dressing the mannequins and putting together good outfits.

The shops were very fun for me because SangKwun and Emily basically told me to look around and to choose whatever I want. Emily gave me a little lecture and said that my brother owns wholesale shops, so I should have a lot of cute clothes. After my little K&C Studio shopping spree, now I definitely do!

This is a bit off subject, but Emily and SangKwun are also in the process of building/buying an apartment in Beijing. It looks like it's going to be very nice -- it will have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It's located in a very nice area with a park in the middle. SangKwun believes that it will be a good investment down the road.

They will have a great view of the city as they are located on the 21st floor. Here's what they will see when they sit in their future window-seat.


Julia said...

that little girls dress is squeezable! And I love the layout of the little shop,too. How fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I want to buy some things of their store. Do you know the website of k&c? Or an e-mail to contact them?
Thanks a lot

Thurman said...

This is awesome!