Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mark's 28th Birthday Party

K: To celebrate Mark's big 28th birthday, we threw a party at our apartment. We invited the foreign teachers and some of the Korean teachers. Since our apartments are really small, we don't have a lot of house parties so people were excited.

Here I am before the party. We prepared a veggie tray, a shrimp dip, a queso and beef dip, and Mark's famous pasta con broccoli. The food (especially the queso and pasta) was a huge hit and almost everything was gone by the end of the night.

We also tried to make jello shots. Jello is a scarce commodity in Korea, and the only stuff I could find was a Pakistani "jelly." It was definitely not the same and most of the shots didn't ever gellify. Luckily, one of the Korean teacher's boyfriend just got here from America and brought some jello packets with him, so he was able to bring some true jello shots.

Here's a shot of the Birthday Boy and me with Yuni and Chris.

Here are a bunch of the girls. We ended up having a good crowd with about 14 people.

Mark got a couple nice food treats. Chloe brought a tray of sashimi from Noryangin and the Korean teachers brought an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

Later we started playing some games... here are Ryan and Billy playing "Sociables."

Then the party really got started when our guests noticed Mark's 1 story beer bong contraption. He found a funnel and a garden hose at EMart and put it together from there. Notice it's tied to an umbrella on the second floor. The Korean guests had never tried one before, so Mark (ever the patient teacher) was happy to instruct them. 

Here's Ellen. She was nervous at first, but thought it was so much fun,  she did another one shortly after!

Here's Chris with Kerry pouring the beer. I think this shows how long it was.

It was a really fun night. Though we wished our friends back home were able to attend, our new friends here definitely made sure it was a birthday party Mark'll never forget.


Julia said...

Only Big Mark would come up with a one story beer bong. Classic! Happy, Marcus!

And these pics are looking flash? New camera? Great work, guys!

Carey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!!!!!!!!!!! looks like you had an awesome party!! I'd sure love to try out that beer bong! delicious!

you both look so amazing, and look like you are having the best time!! :D I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

Mom (J) said...

Mark - Happy Birthday - We miss you.

Kim - I love your top.

Jen said...

Happy B-day, Mark! When did you get so old?!? And when did your hair get so long?!? Miss you guys!

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday Mark! Looks like you guys celebrated in style. Jealous of the two-story bong. try to bring that bad boy back to the States next year;)

Carol said...

Mark, a very belated, but nonetheless happy birthday to you! I never heard of a beer bong -- looks interesting!!!???