Friday, January 28, 2011

Shopping with the Prez

Hey, no big deal... went with Emily to Dongdaemun to shop last night. And guess who just happened to be walking around taking pics and shaking hands???


Yep, that's definitely South Korean President Lee Myung-bak!

Things are definitely a lot more relaxed around here, sure there was secret service and all, but people were running up and taking pics with him.



Emily and I are SO mad at ourselves because we really had the perfect opportunity to take a pic with him. He walked RIGHT by us, made eye contact, and even shook Emily's hand. But we both got totally star-struck and the opportunity passed.

Oh well, here's the shot right AFTER he shook Emily's hand...



Mica said...

Ha, I love it!

...Though I can't say that I would have recognized him. :-)

There is apparently a *relatively* famous Korean singer-songwriter taking ESL classes here this semester. It's funny because one of the native Koreans has him in her class, and she feels awkward being his instructor.

Anonymous said...

Nice bit of reading I have to admit. Well prepared and intensely helpful, thank you!

Whitney said...

haha awesome! are you guys booked solid this week?

Lalique said...

Helloo visiting you from Turkey
nice to be here