Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adoptee Culture Camps

I'm not sure if there are any adoptees I don't know reading this blog, but I wish I'd known about some of these opportunities to visit Korea back when I was in college.

For example, InKAS is offering a summer culture camp for adoptees aged 18-28 who've never visited Korea. You're responsible for the airfare, but the room, board and activities are all free. And it's a great opportunity to come to Korea, meet other adoptees, and learn about the culture.

Sounds pretty amazing. Coming to one of these definitely would've beat spending my summers waitressing. :)

Actually, just got an email from InKAS and it sounds even sweeter... turns out Korean Air is sponsoring it, so airfare is free too. Just an $150 registration fee and it includes a trip to Jeju. Wow!

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